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The Ultimate DIY

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

I’ve been beyond excited to blog about this wedding since the day I found out I would be photographing it!

But before I get to that, let me introduce you to the happy couple!

Julia and Chris met at Colorado State University – Go Rams! They were friends for several years before they jumped into their relationship of three years now. You can tell by just being in their presence that their love has only grown over this time, and it was such an amazing thing to witness.

The wedding was at Flying Horse Ranch in Larkspur, Colorado. Let me just say, this venue is absolutely stunning in every way.

This was the first wedding I’ve had this year that did a First Look before the ceremony. I always love this time between the bride and groom because the night goes by so fast, and this is a chance for a moment alone before all of the chaos and fun that the night brings.

These are the kind of images you can’t pose, the true happiness and adoration they both have on their faces when they see each other for the first time. It’s like falling in love all over again; Not to mention this was a great time to get some of these amazing bridal shots!

By now I bet you are wondering why this blog is titled The Ultimate DIY. Well if you are planning to DIY most of your wedding, I challenge you to do this: make your own wedding rings. Yes, you read that right. Julia and Chris made each other’s rings.

Chris’s ring is made from a meteorite rock that he and Julia found. Julia and her father then carved and formed the rock into a RING!

Julia’s ring is made out of white gold. She and Chris designed the ring completely on their own, and Chris then 3D printed the ring setting for Julia’s diamond!

To top it all off, you see that beautiful box that the rings are sitting in?! Yep! Chris made that as well; for the ring bearer to carry the rings down the aisle in!

Are you ugly crying yet? Because I still am!

Did you know that you could get florals from Trader Joes, and that they would look THAT amazing!?

The signs were made by Chris’s sister Stacie. The wedding favors were handmade wood coasters that Chris made with his laser wood cutter. Julia’s long-time family friend got ordained so he could marry them, and a good friend of the couple got his band together to play live music for the guests-instead of having a DJ!

Every part of their day was thanks to someone that they knew, which just shows how much love everyone has for this couple!

The ceremony was beautiful, located out on the lawn overlooking the mountains and the large pasture surrounding us. My second shooter kept saying how much she loved the cotton candy clouds that were in the sky, and I couldn’t agree more.

Photo by Daedra Lynn Photography

This is one of my favorite set of photos, EVER. Her face says it all; I can’t wait to be your wife.

Julia just recently graduated as a sign language interpreter, so during the ceremony she asked her mentor to perform a poem for the guests.

This was hands down one of the coolest things I have ever seen at a wedding!

He taught everyone how to sign I love you, and his poem was filled with so much emotion. Even if he didn’t have an interpreter, I would know the love and passion of what he was signing.

The dinner and reception were truly wonderful. But one last story I feel compelled to tell, is the speech told by the Man of Honor.

Yep! Julia had a Man of Honor, her older brother Alex.

I’ll never be able to tell the story the way he did, but just in case you’ve ever said “I’ll never cry over a fork,” I’m here to tell you, you are wrong.

Alex told the story of when they were younger and how they didn’t get along the best, as most young siblings don't. As a household chore, they used to have to take turns setting the table for dinner. There was one fork that they thought was different and cool, and they’d fight over who got to use this fork!

Each time it was one of their turns to set the table, they would always set it at their own spot.

As they got older they became good friends. When Alex had come home for dinner one night after moving away, Julia set the table and put the fork at his spot, giving the fork to him.

As the speech continued, Alex pulled the fork out of his suit jacket and gifted it to Julia and Chris in front of everyone. Let me just tell you, there was not a dry eye in the crowd, over a FORK!

Well played Alex, well played.

I feel so lucky that this is my job! It’s never just about the marriage of two amazing people, it’s about the lives of every single person who means the most to them. It’s about who they have become to get to this point in their lives. It's about who they wanted to be there to share in the immense happiness that they feel. To share stories about family forks, and embarrassing memories. To share in the wisdoms of marriages of 50 years, or even just 18 months. It’s about uniting families and inspiring a lifetime of happiness!

I know for a fact a lifetime of happiness is exactly what Julia and Chris will have! I’m grateful for the opportunity to capture their love through my lens.

Cheers to the happy couple!


Venue: Flying Horse Ranch Dress: David's Bridal Florals: Trader Joe's Catering: Buffalo Gals Grilling Co. Beverages: Peak Beverage Cake: The Sugarplum Cake Shoppe Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Hagood Band: Nolen Ramminger & Band Second Shooter: Daedra Lynn Photography

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