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Lauren Finch


Katrina Joseph

So, it turns out that I may already be booked on your date, or possibly I am just a little out of your budget. This is where my associate shooters step in. The term associate may be daunting when you are looking to hire a photographer for your wedding or elopement. It often comes with the stigma that the associate may not be as experienced or as good as the main photographer, but that couldn't be further from the truth for the Rachel Case Photography associates!

These ladies are hand selected by me, and have worked closely with me as 2nd shooters + as associates over the years. I am more than confident in the work that they produce. Often when editing, my associates and I shoot so similarly that there have been times where I couldn't tell what was my photo and what was theirs!

They both have plenty of experience being the lead in other weddings, so you can always be confident that you are getting the best of the best.

All editing, e-session, and communication will ultimately remain with me, but you will have one of these fabulous ladies as your shooter for your actually wedding day or elopement! So you truly get the best of both worlds, and will have seamless albums like the ones you see represented in my portfolios.

The best part of all? Hiring an associate through my business will save you a big chunk of money off any package of your choice. Saving money without having to sacrifice quality is a huge bonus + why associate shooters can be an amazing option for you and your fiancé!